25 Ekim 2011 Salı

Leander's Tower/ Kız Kulesi

That's me with my beer...Biramla kuleden denize karşı ben...

This is Leander's Tower in Istanbul.Leander’s Tower is a unique site along the Bosphorus, jutting from the rocky terrain a little off the coast of Üsküdar. There are many myths as to its origins and the best known one is an allegory on the indomitable ways of fate. The story has it that the Byzantine king commissions the construction of the tower to defeat the evil omen that his daughter will be killed by a snake. He hides his daughter in this tower located off the shore which no creeping animal can approach. Yet one day a boat carrying foodstuffs to the small island brings doom to the maiden in the form of the snake curled amid the provisions.The tower functioned as a fort, lighthouse, prison and isolation hospital during Byzantine and Ottoman times and was restored a number of times, the last being during the reign of Mahmut II (1808-1839). This repair that gave the Leander’s Tower its current structure is documented in a inscription by Hattat Rakım (1832-1833). The tower was reinforced with an internal concrete wall in 1943.

Kız Kulesi'nden manzaralar...Elif ile kısa gezilerimizden biri de bu tarihi kule oldu...

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